Float the Guadalupe River

Enjoy a beautiful float down the Guadalupe River on one of our two floats!


– Start at our Gruene Main Location and enjoy a 2-4 hour float, depending on water levels!

– This float is WITHIN CITY LIMITS. Please review the New Braunfels Can Ban information about what the city allows you to bring on the water with you.

– Takes you though a couple natural rapids, described as scenic and natural

– We will have a shuttle waiting for you at The Double, Rockin’ R’s property where you exit the river, to bring you back to Gruene!


– Our 5-6.5 hour, up-river Guadalupe float. Please be aware, water levels up-river are currently LOW and there are parts of your float you’ll have to walk your tube. Exact float times vary based on wind, crowds, and other factors.

– Outside of the city limits the Can Ban does NOT apply. Glass & styrofoam is still NOT permitted.

– You’ll be shuttled up-river to start your float and exit the river when you reach Huaco Raft.

Tubing Prices:

$25 – Includes tube rental and shuttle rides.

$20 – If you bring your own tube. Includes shuttle rides.

Rafting Prices:

$40 – Per person for rafting.

We offer one man, two-man, and three+ man rafts. Shuttle included.

Taxes & fees apply. Discounts available for groups of 25 or more.

Call 830-629-9999 for more info.

1405 Gruene Road
New Braunfels, TX
Open Daily
9am – 4pm
*Parking on-site is free on weekdays and $10 after 10am on Weekends.
4484 River Road
New Braunfels, TX
Open Daily
9am – 2pm
*$10 parking