Rockin’ R is your place in New Braunfels for tubes, rafts, kayaks and standup paddle boards. We are the only outfitter with locations on both the Guadalupe and Comal.

Rockin ‘R’ River Rides has been doing business in New Braunfels for 40 years. Two guys who had a dream back in 1979 made it come true and we all thank them from the bottom of our hearts. What started with 50 tubes, two lawn chairs, their personal pick-ups and a small patch of ground has grown beyond their wildest dreams. It hasn’t always been easy depending on Mother Nature to put food on the tables, but somehow they’ve made it work through droughts and devastating floods. It must be destiny, well go figure with the last name “Rivers.” Showing folks a good time in a piece of Texas heaven is what it’s all about to these guys. Come experience what put a twinkle in their eyes all those years ago!






Up to 500 cfs — Recreational

500 – 750 cfs — Challenging

750 – 1200 cfs — Strenuous

1200 – 3000 cfs — Tubing not recommended

3000+ cfs — Dangerous; guided rafts suggested



Rapid Transit
Group Events
Private Property Rental
Craft Beer Trail
Are there any specific COVID-19 protocols we should know about?

We are following a stringent guideline of CDC protocols for our staff, equipment and shuttles.  You do need to bring a face covering for the shuttle ride.

What does it cost to float?

Tubing is $25 per person and rafting is $40 per person, regardless of which trip you take. All of your taxes, and shuttle ride are included in the cost.

Are there age and swimming requirements?

Yes, EVERYONE must be able to swim.  Age limits for the Guadalupe is 6 years old and on the Comal is 3 years old, however both are dependent on river flows, feel free to call and verify.

Can I bring my own tube?

You’re welcome to bring your own tube and the cost for the shuttle only is $20 per person. We preload all of our equipment, so while we are happy to shuttle personal equipment, we may ask for your assistance to load it depending on what it is.  We do have the equipment to inflate your floats, we may ask however to wait until you are at the appropriate put in so we are not hauling the equipment inflated.  If you don’t need a shuttle, then you can just pay the put in fee or exit fee of $10.

How do I get back to my car after I float?

All of our rentals include a shuttle ride, so we’ll either shuttle you upriver at the beginning of the trip and you’ll float back to your car, or you’ll float downriver and we’ll pick you up at the end.

What can I bring?

You can bring anything you’d like as long as it is in a Non-Disposable Container (for trips inside the city limits) and remember no glass and no Styrofoam. There’s nowhere to stop along the river, so make sure you pack enough drinks and any snacks you want to enjoy during your float.

Do you have lockers?

We don’t have lockers, but we do keep your keys and ID as a deposit so we recommend locking up everything that you don’t want to get wet or potentially lose.

Do I have to wear shoes?

While shoes aren’t required, we do recommend some type of footwear for getting in and out of the river, since it can be rocky and a bit slick. You’re welcome to leave them on or take them off during your trip.

What’s the difference between tubing and rafting?

Tubing is done in the individual black & or vinyl tubes, which are shaped like a donut. Tubes come with or without a bottom.  Rafting, on the other hand, comes with a paddle and can be done in the kayak-shaped inflatables for 1 or 2 people, or larger rafts that hold up to 6 people.

What does it cost to park?

On the weekends, we charge $10 to park, cash only from mid May through August beginning at 10am.  Parking is free on the weekdays.  Our Comal location has free parking at 193 S. Liberty and $10 at 600 Mather St. and a VIP lot at 145 W. Lincoln that is $20 per car next to our Exit!